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What people are saying about us!

I arrived at the office 5 minutes before my appointment time and Dr. Lue was ready and waiting for me, that never happens at a dentists’ office! What separates Dr. Lue apart is that he doesn’t treat you like a number, “just another appointment” or rushes you out after the end of the appointment. He patiently answered my questions about veneers/crowns without trying to “sell me” the service. He really wanted me to fully understand my questions and explained my x-ray in detail. I raved about Dr. Lue’s patience to my husband so much, that he wants to make his next appointment with Dr. Lue!
– Nancy C.
I went for a dental cleaning and checkup, and was pleasantly surprised by the cleanness of the office, lack of wait, and Dr. Lue’s kind and professional manner. After my x-rays were taken, they were displayed on large TVs in the patient room. This allowed me to follow along as the doctor examined my x-rays for cavities. He showed me each x-ray and explained what cavities looked like, and what he saw in each image. This was a huge relief, seeing as I’ve been tricked by dentists in the past who made me believe I needed more dental work than I actually did. He explained the issues I had with my teeth in a calm and matter-of-fact way. After he explained the options I had to fix them, he said that he would first contact my insurance company to see if it would cover the operation, and that he would let me know what they said. He did not try to pressure me into committing to an expensive treatment on the spot. Highly recommended dentist!!!!
– Jenny W.